in the back and the racks and the stacks

10 points to whoever can correctly guess the song I’m referencing in the title.

These treats are old to me, but new to you. Winter doesn’t really lend itself to many photo ops with natural daylight as it starts to get dark outside by 4pm so I haven’t had the chance or proper lighting (or motivation…) to take pictures of my new bracelets and rings. Thankfully, the days are getting longer and I finally got around to taking decent pictures so that we can continue playing show & tell!

{ Bracelets: OAK+FORT, stacking rings: USED – House of Vintage }





By the way, the title is from Bon Iver – Stacks :) BONNY BEAR.

<3 MC


Settling in: the dresser

As much as I enjoy the idea of home decor, I tend to be averse to the actual purchasing of furniture. But alas, in moving to a new city it became a necessary evil. Save for a box filled with miscellaneous things that I haven’t decided how to store, most of my things have found a place in my room. I don’t like clutter, but I do enjoy displaying pretty things so I guess it’s finding a balance between the two. Here’s the set up of my dresser:

Picked up a few glasses from the dollar store (3 for $1! Dollarama is so amaze) to store some makeup brushes, Revlon stain balms, lip & eye liners, and rings. The tiered stand I bought from Winners a few years ago and I use it as a catch-all for some random things (bracelets, hair pins, some necklaces) that I wear often.  My favourite candle at the moment is the Slatkin & Co “Leaves” candle from Bath and Body Works, the scent makes me so happy! I’m on the hunt for an acrylic tray to put all of these things on – any suggestions where I can find one?

<3 MC