MAC Prince Noir

fall/winter essentials

Every fall/winter, I seem to be drawn to my tried and true favourites. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer just as much as the next person. It often results in several weeks of walking in and out of Bath & Body Works to smell their fall candles and walking out empty handed until I finally decide to cave. Only then do I start to openly embrace the return of cooler temperatures! Here are a few of my necessities:

{ pinky-nude nail polish }

{ vampy lips – left to right: plum bright, prince noir, runaway red, media}

{ because having chapped lips & dry skin is the WORST }

{ chunky statement necklaces }

{ “fall” scented candles – leaves & cranberry woods – mMmm }

<3 MC


Plum pt. 2: Black Cherry

Because inquiring minds want to know what the deal is with plum lips. Or maybe you wanna find a good dupe for MAC “Prince Noir” (because it was limited edition). Or maybe you came here wanting to know what some good plum lipstick options were. Or maybe you’re wondering why everyone and their grandmother is all over Revlon’s “Black Cherry”. As an advocate of the plum lip, I’m here to help you a little. Fall usually means trying every shade of deep red lipstick I come across and resisting all temptations to purchase them – because let’s get real, I don’t need 10 tubes of plum lipstick. I know you’re wondering and thinking about dabbling into the world of dramatic dark lips, so have a look at these 3 swatches: Swatches left to right: Revlon “Black Cherry”, MAC “Media” (Satin), MAC “Prince Noir” (Matte)

As you can see, Revlon “Black Cherry” is basically identical to MAC “Media” but the former is much more affordable since it’s only around half the price of a MAC lipstick. It ends up looking different on everyone, either deep red or very dark purple. For me, it leans towards a dark purple but I’ve seen swatches where it’s a deep red. HOWEVER, I will say that Black Cherry bleeds a little so I tend to reach for MAC “Media” because the formula seems to last a lot longer than Black Cherry. I’m sorry that this swatch/review isn’t as detailed or scientific as others, but I mainly just wanted to show that the colours are nearly identical. As for MAC “Prince Noir”, it’s a much deeper plum (even though they all look identical in the tube) and I haven’t bothered trying to find a dupe for it because they all kind of look the same to me unless I swatch them on my wrist, as seen above!

Also, a tip for doing swatches of lip colour at the store: swatch on the pads of your fingers! The pads of your fingers are pinker (and likely closer to the colour of your lips) than the back of your hand and will give you a more accurate indication of what the colour will look like on your lips.

Okay this was a little all over the place, but I hope that helps?

<3 MC


Every morning I can feel the crisp autumn air signalling that winter is just around the corner. While I remain partially in denial (SUMMER, WHY CAN’T YOU STAY FOREVER?!), I can’t avoid the inevitable. As such, my mental preparation for cooler temperatures has begun and right now I’m looking forward to the return of plum lipstick in my everyday makeup bag. My favourites: MAC Media, MAC Plum Bright, MAC Prince Noir, & Revlon Black Cherry.

plum lipstick, vampy lipstick

plum lipstick, vampy lipstick

plum lipstick, vampy lipstick

My friend and I were talking about this the other day and we came to the conclusion that dark lipstick is only for special occasions because it brings much unwanted attention. Why can’t we just wear our dark lipstick in peace?! Fashion girls, I know you feel me: if you look even just a liiiittle over-dressed (e.g. wearing heels in casual settings, or rocking that bold accessory) you get the stares! But it’s always those small details that instantly pull your look together, giving you that extra boost of confidence to conquer the day.

So you know what, go forth and be a radiant, confident, young woman. To quote one of my all-time favourite youtube videos, “don’t be insecure girl. OWN that ponytail. WORK THAT UPDO.

<3 MC

*all images via pinterest