Easy Apple Pie

Unlike pumpkin, everyone’s favourite autumnal gourd, the classic homemade apple pie is one of those desserts that you can obviously enjoy year-round. Nevertheless, the seasonal relevance of warm apple pie right now makes it a necessary addition to your cold-weather baking repertoire.

Easy Apple Pie

This easy apple pie has definitely become one of my new favourite recipes. It’s unlike anything I’ve baked before: it involves making a delicious (and SIMPLE) caramel sauce concoction that you pour over the apples, rather than tossing them in sugar and cinnamon. The result is a delectable pie that will bring all the boys to the yard… or all their girlfriends begging you for the recipe. If that doesn’t happen… well, that’s okay. More pie for you.  Pie is always an acceptable form of breakfast.




fall/winter essentials

Every fall/winter, I seem to be drawn to my tried and true favourites. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer just as much as the next person. It often results in several weeks of walking in and out of Bath & Body Works to smell their fall candles and walking out empty handed until I finally decide to cave. Only then do I start to openly embrace the return of cooler temperatures! Here are a few of my necessities:

{ pinky-nude nail polish }

{ vampy lips – left to right: plum bright, prince noir, runaway red, media}

{ because having chapped lips & dry skin is the WORST }

{ chunky statement necklaces }

{ “fall” scented candles – leaves & cranberry woods – mMmm }

<3 MC

fall foliage

It’s everyone’s favourite time of year, and it’s times like these where I really start to miss (and appreciate) good ol’ Edmonton and all its dense green space along the North Saskatchewan River. Scrolling through everyone’s autumn-themed instagrams everyday definitely gives me fall foliage envy ;)

Luckily, the weather has been unseasonably warm (by warm, I mean 15-16C) so it made for a great opportunity to go for a walk and explore my new surroundings.

{ golden arches }

{ I guess my walk to the grocery store is alright… }

{ taking the scenic route to WURST Beer Hall }

<3 MC

Phriday Photo!

Yeah that happened.

After a week of clouds and fog, Edmonton decided to let a little sunshine in today –because let’s GET REAL, Edmonton will never be as cool as Vancouver and will never be able to pull off the misty-borderline-rainy look– so I snapped a photo of my favourite view in the city. Speaking of, this reminds me of the view from the Lionsgate bridge in Vancouver – emphasizing my point that Edmonton is just like Vancouver, but the Vancouver version is always better; I’ve never mentioned this on the blog before, but I’ve said it in person. Even the rain is better (ohhh BOOOO HISS, all you rain haters!)

The season of fall lasts for about 8 days in this city, so I predict that all these leaves will fall off next week. WINTER IS COMING….

To my Canadian readers, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

<3 MC

I have THE BEST cookie recipe for you!

MONDAY again! Some weekend tidbits…

{ quiet fall mornings on campus – beautiful! }

{ favourite weekend pastime: brunch at The Sugarbowl }

{ baked some of the best cookies that will ever enter your mouth-hole }

{ new shoes – so excited to wear these! }

{ new MAC for Cindy Sherman Collection, Violetta (L) & Plum Bright (R) }

{ new pre-bedtime read – Game of Thrones, Clash of Kings }

Can’t believe it’s already October. Where does the time go?! But right now is one of my favourite times of the year where we’re in that cusp between warm and cold seasons, everything looks so picturesque outside.  I’m excited for fall wardrobes, boots, baking chai & pumpkin spice things, and watching the leaves change colours. Can we just skip winter altogether?

<3 MC


For some reason, September is my favourite month of the year. Perhaps it’s because my birthday is this month; or that I love marvelling at the sight of colourful fall foliage; or  inhaling the crispy chill of the morning air; or maybe it’s another great excuse to purchase more boots and fall clothes! PS – Can we talk fall wardrobes later? Thanks.

Having graduated from university, this is the first year…… <aside>WOW, as I typed that out it REALLY sank in… weird</aside>… This is the first time in 18 years that I’m not going back to school this September!! The calendar year starts in January but I always considered the year to start in September. The start of a new school year always marked a fresh start, a clean slate, a plethora of new “resolutions” and goals to accomplish. Last week, I intuitively knew that getting away from my daily routine and spending some time in Vancouver would refresh my positive energy and in turn, hear good news in following weeks ahead. I’ve always associated optimism and new beginnings with September!

Now I’m not one to subscribe to the notions of “The Secret” but my intuitions rang true and I finally landed on a fantastic career opportunity. The post-grad job hunt has been a little rough, so to say that I’ve found “inner peace” is kind of an understatement. Work-jobs and career-jobs are two different things and I’m so thankful to have finally have the latter! Being able to say that “work is a pleasure” is such a blessing :)

Total coincidence, but one of my hands-down favourite songs is “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire. I love singing along to this song… obnoxiously :) heyHEYHEY BAA-dee-YAA, say do you remember? Baa-DEE-YAA, dancin’ in September? — here’s my BELATED Music Monday post for you all:


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