Oz Adventures: Fraser Island

Another super delayed Australia post, but better late than never? It seemed pretty questionable if I’d ever get around to writing moar about my Oz trip.

Before I begin, I must say that planning the logistics for this trip were a little puzzling. We had a general idea of where we wanted to go but the internet wouldn’t tell us the best ways to get there, specifically Fraser Island. I believe the two popular towns to stay in (if you’re going to Fraser Island) are Noosa and Rainbow Beach. We looked at hostels in both towns, and Rainbow Beach hostels were a little dodgy (bed bugs) so we decided on Noosa, which is the cutest little beach town! It was raining the entire time we were there and apparently it hadn’t rained in 3 months, but I imagine that it would be AMAZING sans rain. I also found a little fruit stand next to the bus depot:


The only thing I regret about Australia is not eating enough pineapple. Might I add that Mareeba Gold pineapple (above) is low in acidity, READ: you can eat an entire Mareeba Gold pineapple without the inside of your mouth feeling raw. WIN. 2 for $5 pineapple? DON’T MIND IF I DO.


Fraser Island was stunning. Majestic rain forests, fresh water lakes, and clear sandy beaches for dayz! It’s an island that’s composed entirely of sand, which makes it a reallyreallyreally cool nature thing; it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, very serious about how cool it is. My favourite part was being able to sit at the front of the vehicle with our guide and pick his brain, even though I couldn’t understand much of what he was saying because Aussie accents, amirite???? But a front row seat was absolutely necessary for marveling at this beauty of an island.

Maheno Shipwrek{ The Maheno Shipwreck }

Wanggoolba Creek{ Wanggoolba Creek }

it's proper pissin' down now{ “It’s proper pissin’ down now!” }

seventy-five mile beach{ Seventy-Five Mile Beach }

lake mckenzie{ Lake McKenzie }

It rained at the end of our tour, but it RARELY rains on this island so I like to think that we got to see a rare glimpse of rainy Fraser Island, and that’s pretty special.



Blue Mountains & the 3 Sisters

If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, I went to Australia a few months ago but definitely procrastinated having to upload the pictures onto my computer. I’m finally getting around to writing about it now because… better late than never! (I’ll share pictures from my Belize trip one day… hahaha)

To be very honest with you, Australia was never really on my radar of “places to go”. In fact, I was originally supposed to go Buenos Aires/Argentina but when those plans fell through and the Australia opportunity presented itself (i.e. I needed to use up my vacation days before the end of May) I figured, “aaaah MIGHT AS WELL! Because if not now, then WHEN?” and booked my plane ticket to land of Koala bears (there’s also something very thrilling about booking a last minute trip to a far away place). PLOT TWIST: Australia far exceeded my expectations – what a STUNNING country!!!! If it’s not on your priority list of places to see in your lifetime, you need to add it. Flights to Oz will never be really “cheap” so you need to make peace with that now and trust me when I say it’s worth every penny.

We flew into Sydney and then backpacked up the coast to Noosa/Fraser Island, Airlie Beach, and Cairns. I’ll (hopefully) share those pictures too but for now here are some snaps of our little jaunt to the Blue Mountains.

While in Sydney, we met up with some friends from Alberta who were gallivanting through Australia as well, so we hopped in their adventure mobile, Sam, and drove up to Katoomba for the day.

Katoomba, Blue Mountains, 3 Sisters

Katoomba, Blue Mountains, 3 Sisters
Katoomba, Blue Mountains, 3 Sisters

Katoomba, Blue Mountains, 3 Sisters

Katoomba, Blue Mountains, 3 Sisters

Katoomba, Blue Mountains, 3 Sisters

The clouds cleared for a BRIEF minute and I quickly snapped a few pictures of the 3 sisters!

Katoomba, Blue Mountains, 3 Sisters

Despite missing the memo re: Zombie Apocalypse, this day was one of my favourite parts of the trip! Our heads were literally in the CLOUDS!