My favourite places in the cities I’ve lived in:

I was born and raised in Edmonton, and since moving to Calgary, I love coming back to these places whenever I visit! Whenever I have an out of town visitor, I always take them to some combo of the places below.

Sugar Bowl: This is my favourite spot for brunch/lunch or for an afternoon beer with friends. The cinnamon buns are a MUST!!! Their beer menu is longer than their actual food menu so you’ll likely find yourself plagued with indecision.

Remedy Cafe: It’s one of those secret gems in Edmonton that isn’t that much of a “secret” because they make the most amazing Chai Latte that you will ever have in your life. Trust.

Remedy, Chai Latte

104th Street City Market: The city market is my favourite Saturday morning/early afternoon activity in the summer. I like to come here to stock up on Happy Camel dips, gargantuan bags of kettle corn, and cookies from Confetti Sweets.

The Art Gallery of Alberta: Not sure what happened while I was in Europe, but I’ve developed an affinity towards art museums! The AGA gets some really cool exhibits and the building itself is a world-class piece of ART. I always come here when I’m in the mood for a classy cultural experience.

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt: So… I perma-crave frozen yogurt. While there isn’t a vast selection of froyo places in Edmonton, TF is by far the besssst. They always have a good variety of yogurt flavours (favourites: almond, taro) and toppings.

Nhon Hoa & Van Loc: People often argue about which of the 2 make the best sandwiches, but I’m not super picky and while both are a little different, they are both quite tasty. Dear Van Loc, banh mi in Calgary have nothing on you. You will always have my heart.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 11.22.22 PM

OAK+FORT: Uncomplicated and thoughtfully designed clothes. My wardrobe mainly consists of monochromatic basics and OAK+FORT has quickly become my go-to for new clothes.

Loft82/NOUL: Another Canadian boutique (sister store to OAK+FORT). Clothes inspired by nature, travel, and antiques. Just beautiful no-fuss, easy-to-wear, feminine garments. I could easily spend a small fortune here.

MRKT Cafeteria: For lunch/early afternoon eats, they serve 3 daily sandwich & 3 daily soup specials (chicken, veg, seafood) — all very delicious, hearty, and freshly made with local ingredients. For dinner, the menu is just as delicious and perfect for sharing.

Tres Carnales Taqueria:  Urban Mexican street food available for the masses on Rice Howard Way. The food is super delish and made from scratch with local ingredients (except for the seafood that’s flown in fresh) everyday. Fresh chips & guac + Taco de Pescado + Horchata = SO AMAZE. K side note, horchata has changed my life. It’s probably made with buckets of sugar but it’s just so good! Can’t stop thinking about it.

High Level Bridge: I love walking across this bridge during any season of the year. The view of the river valley is probably one of my favourite things to see in Edmonton that never gets old. Sure, the river isn’t exactly the cleanest but the GREEN SPACE, YOU GUYS. I took the LRT to university and I’d always stare at the window and smile on the inside, it’s beautiful all year round.

Royal Glenora/River Valley Stairs: Anyone who’s familiar with these stairs has a love/hate relationship with them. There’s nothing like a little staircase burn to finish up a run in the river valley.


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