My favourite places in the cities I’ve lived in: 

I currently live in Calgary so this list is a work in progress and these are some of my favourite places; mostly restaurants, because let’s be honest… eating is one of my favourite hobbies.

Village Ice Cream – I like to subvert expectations and have Village Ice Cream for dinner sometimes. My favourite seasonal is Oaxacan Chili Chocolate (there’s usually a pint of it in my freezer), and my favourite permanent flavours are Toasted Coconut and Salted Caramel but honestly, I’ve never met a Village Ice Cream flavour that I didn’t like.

El Charrito – A little mom & pop taqueria located in Bridgeland next to Diner Deluxe. The food is messy and flavourful. Forget Añejo, GO HERE INSTEAD.

European Bakery – There’s this little European Bakery in the apartment building that I used to live in, which not only sells freshly baked loaves of bread but also a plethora of packaged goods from Europe. I come here to stock up on Milka bars and other snacks that aren’t in English because I miss living in Europe so this is the closest I can get to feeling like I’m shopping at Billa. JUST LET ME HAVE THIS, OK.

UNA Pizzeria – I don’t go here that often because the wait to get seated is usually 45-mins to an hour long (and they don’t take reservations). If you’re patient enough to wait, you must definitely order the kale caesar salad and the mushroom pizza (read: TRUFFLE OIL), and get a side of truffle honey on the side so that you can max out on truffle oil. I’ve been drizzling honey over my pizza for YEARS, but truffle honey is straight-up NEXT LEVEL.

GAGA Pizzeria – It’s authentic Italian pizza but owned/run by a Croatian family. Confusing but the pizza is awesome.

Without Papers – Apparently I really like pizza?!?! This is a super chill place in Inglewood to go for dinner. They project movies on the wall, the servers are really nice, and obviously the pizza’s good :)

Purple Perk – I like to sit here and read a book, or work on my laptop, or people watch :)

Glenmore Reservoir – Was pleasantly surprised by the view here. It’s nice. Thank you for this, Calgary.

Local 510 – So along 17th Ave, there’s National on 17th, Ship & Anchor, and Local 510. If you find National on 17th to be too mainstream, Ship & Anchor to be too hipster, then you’ll probably like Local 510. Super chilled out, live bands on some nights, a patio, and great times.

The Naaco Truck – Even though I always order the same thing from this truck (the Papri Tots) and have yet to try anything else they make, I will say that this is probably my favourite food truck in Calgary.

Yoga Santosha – Great yoga community, amazing teachers. Take one of Kate Mak’s flow classes if you can, she’s absolutely wonderful. Her “spicy” sequences will kick your ass! If you don’t laugh or giggle at least ONCE in her class, you are definitely taking life too seriously.

Elbow River Park Area – This is not a terrible place to run! If anything, you should take up running so that you have an excuse to see these lovely views daily. I have yet to explore more of the paths here because I tend to stick to my usual routes while training, but all in due time. If you’re not into running, walking also works well here.

Blue Star Diner – Whenever I go here, I’m always tempted to try something new but without fail I end up ordering the BSD Veggie Burger. It is SO BOMB! If you’ve had terrible experiences with veggie burgers in the past, come to BSD and let it change your mind :)

Yann Patisserie – This little yellow house is tucked away just off 4th street. In the past, I wasn’t too crazy about their macarons but I think they’ve recently stepped up their game. Their macaron flavours are very on point!

A Vintage Affair – I think I’ve gone to all the vintage stores in the Beltline area and this one isn’t a complete mess. I was originally going to list Divine on here, but I think it’s closed now? :(

The Coup – If you’re not into vegetarian food, this place will turn you into a believer.


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