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Container Bar

Container Bar, Kensington | Calgary, AB

I’VE GOT THAT SUMMER TIME, SUMMER TIME SADNESS. Currently missing: warm summer nights & sitting out on patios!!!

Calgary increased its hipster quotient with a container-turned-bar; Container Bar is a fully recycled patio in an alley in Kensington, and it’s lots of fun because:

1. They bring candy to your table once you sit down, how awesome is that?
2. Their white balsamic salad dressing is so good?!
3. Different kinds of GIN & TONICS!

Austin is one of my favourite cities in the world and while this isn’t quite “Austin-y” enough (i.e., the tables & chairs were matching, plus it could stand to be a little more gritty like Remedy Cafe on 109th street in Edmonton), it will suffice for now!

Mother Nature dumped a ton of snow on Calgary earlier this week, which was a shock to everyones systems! I now understand what One Direction is singing about in “Summer Love” –> “cuz you were mine for the summer / now we know it’s nearly over / feels like snooowww in September” (HAHAHA, yeah I just referenced 1D in a post. Ain’t no shame in my game). Hopefully we’ll get a few more weeks of REAL fall weather *fingers crossed*! My heart can’t handle another episode of Snowtember.



The Face Shop

Korean cosmetic retailer, The Face Shop, opened at Market Mall last month, you guys!
The Face ShopI’ve never heard of The Face Shop until it opened, but my asian-skincare-enthusiast friends were VERY familiar with the brand and were quick to convince me that their products are LOVELY. So I did what any proper beauty junkie would do & stocked up on some skincare goodies, which are all made from natural ingredients. Koreans are known for their 1000-step skincare regimes, so I’m pretty sure they know a thing or two about the pursuit of immaculate skin.


Shiki Menya

Shiki Menya, Calgary

FINALLY got around to trying Shiki Menya in Bridgeland a few weekends ago :) I’m not a ramen connoisseur but I do nay settle for mediocrity when it comes to ramen, and not all ramen is made equal! Thankfully, Shiki Menya is pretty comparable to the ramen I’ve had in Vancouver. I tried the kara miso garlic (negi, soft tamago, menma, char siu, corn, garlic “ra-yu” chili oil) with a refreshing glass of cold ocha. Cloudy broth? Check. Hand made noodles? Check.

With the ubiquity of pho restaurants, a new ramen place is a welcome addition to the noodle soup game in Calgary. I’ve read reviews and some people have commented that the broth is salty, but they’re all in regards to the tonkotsu classic so maybe avoid that if you’re not into salty soup? I’ve had salty bowls of ramen before and it’s never fun (I’m looking at you, Nomiya). Should you decide to check it out, I’d recommend getting there early (we waited outside before they opened!) as they only make 100something bowls per day else you’ll be waiting in hangry purgatory.