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Music Monday: And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop

I missed the boat on Edmonton Folk Fest tickets, which meant that I also missed James Vincent McMorrow! SAD FACE. This song is perfect for a chill Monday morning like today. If you tell me that his voice doesn’t make you swoon, I won’t believe you!



Music Monday: Sam Smith “Lay Me Down” (Live on SNL)

It’s been a while since my last Music Monday post… I almost forgot that I did these. It also isn’t lost on me that today is WEDNESDAY, but it’s my blog and I’ll do whatever I want!!

Sam Smith’s acoustic performance of “Lay Me Down” is EVERYTHING right now. The arrangement is divine and doesn’t distract from the insane quality of his voice. FLAWLESS.

He’s a diva, but in the best way possible.


hipster withdrawal

Last weekend I was able to cross an item off my bucket list and finally attend Coachella :) I’m a victim of live music so I kind of had a field day and loved every minute of it; Sunday Sandstorm included, it’s all part of the experience :S amirite? JK, I lie. The sandstorm was miserable but I was determined to make the most of it, especially because Red Hot Chili Peppers were headlining. Dusty and devoted. 

Rather than posting pictures of what I wore because truthfully, I don’t have any proper outfit photos, lemme tell you about all awesome sets I saw because this post is all about dat music! I know, I know, BOO HISS… festival fashion is all the rage these days but I just couldn’t be bothered in 40C desert heat, YOUKNOW?!

Day 1:  Stars, Metric, Of Monsters & Men, Passion Pit, Local Natives, Modest Mouse, Beach House, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Band of Horses (I reeeeeally needed a nap at this point), Jurassic 5, The Stone Roses, Tegan & Sara

Day 2: Grizzly Bear, The Postal Service, The xx, Franz Ferdinand, Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix

Day 3: The Lumineers, Tanlines, Tame Impala, Vampire Weekend, Wu-Tang Clan, Red Hot Chili Peppers

For a few of the bands above, I was only able to catch a few songs from their sets (and missed some others) because there’s just so much going on and so many excellent bands playing at the same time, it’s something you just have to make peace with at Coachella. It would’ve been cool to see: Wild Nothings, Hot Chip, Guards, White Arrows, Gaslight Anthem, Hanni El Khatib, FOALS, Smith Westerns, Wombats, Janelle Monae, and La Roux. Luckily I can catch everything I missed (and relive some of the magic of last weekend) on the YouTube this weekend, THANK YOU INTERNET!!!!

PS – I got to hold the line of balloons – yes, THE balloons! – and it was pretty much the highlight of my weekend.

Last weekend motivated me to violently recommit to music with the same vigor I had as a teenager. Overall, ’twas a successful musical weekend in Indio and I sure hope that Coachella & I can meet again in the future :D Will maybe post more pictures once I upload them off my camera. Maybe. HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND.

<3 MC

Spice Girls x Closing Ceremony

Olympics are over, you guys!!! What am I gonna watch on TV for the next 2 years until Sochi 2014?!?! Will definitely experience some serious Olympic withdrawal this week, but I guess it also means that I can stop being anti-social.

Anyways, please let me indulge my younger 8 year old self: SPICE GIRLS reunion at the Closing Ceremony = highlight of my WEEK. Resisted the urge to cry because I’m a 23 year-old adult but squealed with delight while watching their performance. IT WAS SO MAGICAL, YOU GUYS.

Even the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, put on his dancing pants for the occasion (thank you for this, Twitter).

Sadly, I never got the chance to see the Spice Girls in concert. Instead, I watched their “Live in Istanbul” on VHS hundreds of times over as consolation. I told my parents that if/when I see them in concert, they shouldn’t bother talking to me the next day as my voice would be gone from all the screaming and singing along. Even though that was like, 15 years ago, if the Spice Girls did a world tour (AND THEY SHOULD), I still stand by my original statement about the voice loss. So Victoria, Emma, Melanie, Melanie, and Geri… if you’re reading this: please do a world tour. One last time. Pretty please? For old times sake. Thanks! Everyone, let’s chant together now: *WORLD TOUR! WORLD TOUR!* But alas, Victoria is so over it. Of course she has to ruin the fun for all of us hahaha CLEARLY (thank you, Tumblr, for capturing one of my favourite moments of their performance: Posh Spice being Posh Spice).

Anyways, I feel empty now that it’s all over, don’t you? Seriously. The Olympics is the closest we’ll ever get to world peace…. I LOVE IT. WHY CAN’T IT STAY FOREVER!?!?!

<3 MC

pictures via dailymail.co.uk

Another Rainy Day

Rainy days like today make for a perfect excuse to sleep in, catch up on laundry, and do other house chores. But something about the rain also makes me want to just curl up under a blanket and watch movies so today I plan on having a Batman marathon in preparation for The Dark Knight Rises (yes, I’m probably the only person that still hasn’t seen it yet).

Anyways! I plugged in my old iPod while I did the laundry and it instantly made me feel like I was in high school again, so many forgotten gems of my youth! — isn’t crazy how certain songs bring you back to different moments in your life? Here’s my rainy day playlist:

Teddy Geiger – For you I Will (Confidence)
Corinne Bailey Rae – Another Rainy Day
Amos Lee – Colors (with Norah Jones)
Amos Lee – Arms of a Woman
Paolo Nutini – Million Faces
Joss Stone – The Chokin’ Kind
The Kooks – She Moves In Her Own Way
John Mayer – City Love
John Mayer – Why Georgia
John Mayer – Gravity
Goapele – Closer
Jack Johnson – Crying Shame
Michelle Branch – Goodbye to You
Jarvis Church – That Old Love Song
Teddy Geiger – Gentleman
Ray Lamontagne – Trouble
Aqualung – Brighter Than Sunshine
Westlife – Easy
City & Colour – Hello, I’m in Delaware
JackSoul – Somedays
Rooney – That Girl Has Love

What are your favourite things to do on rainy days?

<3 MC

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Las Teclas de Negro

Happy Music Monday, minus the actual music part. Arctic Monkeys + Black Keys concert this weekend, toterly rad. I’m not a huge fan of arena shows and I had always imagined my first Arctic Monkeys show (you’ll always remember your first time...) to be a little more intimate, not that I’m complaining though —  I’ve been waiting all my life (ok, that’s a lie obvs, but 5-6 years?) to see the Arctic Monkeys. Alex Turner is such a FOX, you guys! That voice… SO ATTRACTIVE. If I ever see an acoustic Arctic Monkeys show, I’ll cross that off my list of “life completing” moments.

Anyways, I need to grow taller. That is all.

<3 MC

Music Monday: Bon Iver singing in Montmarte

It’s been a LONG TIME since the last Music Monday post! But here’s a video I’m currently playing on repeat because 1. It’s Bon Iver 2. It’s acoustic 3. It’s in freakin’ PARIS! Therefore, please understand that this video is so excellent on so many levels.

OMG, it’s just soooo good :) This definitely brightened up my Monday – and I hope it brightens up yours as well. I have a weak spot for musicians… SO HAWT. But why are these people walking away?

<3 MC