Lazy Day Dressing

Adrianne Ho, Lazy Day Dressing

Everyone would be so much happier if we could all just wear sweatpants. All the time. Or clothes that feel like you’re wearing sweatpants/pajamas, YOUKNOW? Sigh, Tuesdays-that-feel-like-Mondays. Especially Tuesdays after Thanksgiving (all that pumpkin pie, amirite!) Happy belated Thanksgiving, my lovely Canadians.

<3 MC


midi rings

midi rings, Essie Topless & Barefoot Swatch, Coutu Kitsch Calgary
How darling are these handmade midi rings from Coutu Kitsch? I acquired them at the Inglewood Night Market a few nights ago. If you want to shop their pieces, it was unfortunately the last Night Market of the year but you can buy their jewelry from etsy OR follow them on twitter, facebook, or instagram. I haven’t been to Market Collective that many times yet, but you can probably find them there as well if you’re from Calgary. (NOTW: Essie – Topless & Barefoot + Sally Hansen – Big Money).  

Have a delightful Sunday, you gorgeous people.

<3 MC


The rules: 1 mile (almost 2km). Everyday. For 31 days.

My friend sent me a text last week asking if I wanted to join her in the #onemileaday challenge! I vehemently loaaaaathe running yet I’ve been meaning to give it a chance. So why would I start running even though I pretty much hate it? Because WHY NOT. Because I’m sick like that. Because I love a good challenge.

In November/December, I completed a 35 day Yoga Challenge and can still remember the joy, exhaustion, and sense of accomplishment that I felt when seeing those 35 sparkly star stickers all in a row next to my name at the studio (high-5 for visual motivation)! A typical yoga class can be 60-90 mins long yet I somehow managed to complete 35 consecutive classes during Christmas season (i.e., busiest time at work + I had to move at the end of November), 10-20 minutes/day seems incredibly reasonable in comparison?! Read: no excuses. Despite being called the #onemileaday challenge, my actual mileage per day will likely exceed “one” so I’ll probably need to stock up on some allergy meds because I’m really just using this as an excuse to go outside :)

So this is me, memorializing my goal because something about when you verbalize your goals and post them into a public space, it makes you more accountable to them or something like that.


I have no idea what to expect from #mileaday, but hayyy who doesn’t love to shoe gaze? ;)

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Weekend Brunch

Inconsistent blogging has got the best of me.

It’s finally the weekend, and I don’t know what the weather is like where you are but here in Calgary it is RAINING. RAINING ALL OVER MY PARADE. At least my allergies have subsided? I DIGRESS. The brunching hour is a favourite pastime for Calgarians (it’s excessive, really), so brunch fashion is always a relevant topic. Sometimes I wish that Pinterest = my closet, amirite?


Hope your weekend is sunnier than mine :)

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(A bright & cheerful) Casual Friday


Outfit inspo for a sunshine filled Friday.

This week felt a lot like: Moooooonnnndaaaaaaaaaay. Tuuuuuuuuueesssssssdaaaaaay. Weddddnnnessssssssdayyyyyyy. Thursssssssssdaaaaayyyyyyy. But the next 3 days will probably end up feeling like FridaySaturdaySunday. As always. Have a good weekend :)

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in the back and the racks and the stacks

10 points to whoever can correctly guess the song I’m referencing in the title.

These treats are old to me, but new to you. Winter doesn’t really lend itself to many photo ops with natural daylight as it starts to get dark outside by 4pm so I haven’t had the chance or proper lighting (or motivation…) to take pictures of my new bracelets and rings. Thankfully, the days are getting longer and I finally got around to taking decent pictures so that we can continue playing show & tell!

{ Bracelets: OAK+FORT, stacking rings: USED – House of Vintage }





By the way, the title is from Bon Iver – Stacks :) BONNY BEAR.

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fall/winter essentials

Every fall/winter, I seem to be drawn to my tried and true favourites. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer just as much as the next person. It often results in several weeks of walking in and out of Bath & Body Works to smell their fall candles and walking out empty handed until I finally decide to cave. Only then do I start to openly embrace the return of cooler temperatures! Here are a few of my necessities:

{ pinky-nude nail polish }

{ vampy lips – left to right: plum bright, prince noir, runaway red, media}

{ because having chapped lips & dry skin is the WORST }

{ chunky statement necklaces }

{ “fall” scented candles – leaves & cranberry woods – mMmm }

<3 MC