Container Bar

Container Bar, Kensington | Calgary, AB

I’VE GOT THAT SUMMER TIME, SUMMER TIME SADNESS. Currently missing: warm summer nights & sitting out on patios!!!

Calgary increased its hipster quotient with a container-turned-bar; Container Bar is a fully recycled patio in an alley in Kensington, and it’s lots of fun because:

1. They bring candy to your table once you sit down, how awesome is that?
2. Their white balsamic salad dressing is so good?!
3. Different kinds of GIN & TONICS!

Austin is one of my favourite cities in the world and while this isn’t quite “Austin-y” enough (i.e., the tables & chairs were matching, plus it could stand to be a little more gritty like Remedy Cafe on 109th street in Edmonton), it will suffice for now!

Mother Nature dumped a ton of snow on Calgary earlier this week, which was a shock to everyones systems! I now understand what One Direction is singing about in “Summer Love” –> “cuz you were mine for the summer / now we know it’s nearly over / feels like snooowww in September” (HAHAHA, yeah I just referenced 1D in a post. Ain’t no shame in my game). Hopefully we’ll get a few more weeks of REAL fall weather *fingers crossed*! My heart can’t handle another episode of Snowtember.




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