If you’ve been following my blahg for the past few years, you’ll know that I have an undying love and fondness for September, as evidenced here and here. You’ll also notice that I tend to hit a career wall/epiphany in September – so a note to all of you new grads out there, post-university is a humbling experience so keep at it and never quit your daydream! While September 2013 isn’t filled with any crazy changes, it does feel a little more significant than Septembers of years past:

1. I’m turning 25. YIKES.
2. 1 year anniversary of living in Calgary.
3. 1 year anniversary at my job (today!) – time just flies when you’re having a good time.

Calgary Skyline

It feels like I’ve hit that elusive sweet spot where work is play/play is work and for that, I’m beyond grateful as most 20somethings can’t say the same… I wake up every morning looking forward to work and get paid to do what I’m interested in — what a concept! When everything came together after it fell apart last year, I couldn’t help but ask myself, “well now what?!” I was so used to chasing and always thinking of “what are the next steps?!” And after finally getting into the career/industry I’ve been fighting to get into for 2 years, I realized that I need to just CHILL OUT & ENJOY because the future is today; “the past and future are illusions. You may not be able to execute it perfectly, but you realize that living in the moment is the only non-delusional choice we have”.

This past year has been incredible & fulfilling not just in my career, but through travels, city living, amazing friends, independence, and pausing to delight in the simple pleasures of everyday life. I don’t even really know specifically what I want anymore, but I know that “beautiful things don’t just happen if you want something marvelous. You’ve got to make something marvelous”. So I’ve come to realize that turning 25 is all about that quiet, vague, but important of awareness of where I am in my life and being cool with it all. Life is good, isn’t that a fun feeling?

<3 MC



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