chambray & cowboy boots

So much delay in this post, but better late than never!

Despite the resulting fatigue and sea of denim on my apartment floor, my first full week of Stampede as a Calgarian was a good mix of work & play (but sometimes there isn’t much difference between the two in my life anyways). Thank goodness this thing only lasts 10 days, I don’t think I could last another day wearing those cowboy boots! I do wish I could wear chambray all day everyday, it actually goes with everything. Dress it up, dress it down. Wear it with (almost) anything in your closet. It’s my new favourite.

{ jcrew employee or stampede attire?}
mc jcrew stampede

 { Wit White Wheat Ale from Village Brewery, quite good}
mc gingham

{ sour patch kids & sticky hands }
mc sour patch

mc boots

{ everyone loves a good carousel }
mc merry go round

{ i’m like a little kid excited about bright & colourful lights }
mc stampede lights

And I’m pretty sure it’s “yeehaw”, not “yahoo”.

<3 MC


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