Nothing rhymes with orange.

As per usual, winter has overstayed its welcome (not that it was very welcome to begin with) and I am SO READY for spring to get here. One thing that I’m looking forward to are orange lips – it’s definitely not the easiest thing to pull off but the pop of colour adds a playful warm glow. So muster up that courage to wear it, because it’s flattering on almost any skin tone.

Some things to keep in mind:
1. Because of the yellow pigment in orange lipstick, it WILL emphasize the yellow in your teeth. So get on that whitening toothpaste, kick that coffee/red wine habit, or take a mixture of baking soda + lemon brushed onto your teeth once a week.
2. Since you’re going bold with the lip colour, keep the rest of your makeup understated: black eye liner/mascara, light brown eyeshadow, highlight, and bronzer. Orange will also accentuate any redness on your face so make sure to conceal any blemishes or redness on your face and skip the blush.
3. Opt for a matte shade. With a colour as bright as orange, feathering around the lips is much more noticeable and less forgiving. Glossier or moisturizing formulas have a tendency to bleed whereas matte formulas don’t.

My faves: MAC “Neon Orange”, MAC “So Chaud”, & Revlon “Kiss Me Coral”

red orange 1

red orange 2

red orange 3

red orange 4

Be daring. Have fun.
This is the only kind of drama that you should allow in your life ;)



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