Keep It Weird

APOLOGIES for the delayed post re: my excursion to Austin, TX. As promised, now that I’m (relatively) no longer sleep deprived I wanna share my FAVOURITE bits & pieces with y’all.

Tartines from Blue Dahlia in Austin, TX{ Tartines from Blue Dahlia }

Hamilton Pool in Austin, TX{ Hamilton Pool }

{ Rainbow Chard @ the Farmers Market }

Graffiti Park in Austin, TX{ Graffiti Park }

Cathedral of Junk in Austin, TX{ Cathedral of Junk }

Spider House in Austin, TX{ Spider House }

Toy Joy in Austin, TX{ Toy Joy }

Austin has quickly become one of my new favourite cities in THE WORLD; Southern Hospitality is not a lie! It’s everything that I enjoy about Edmonton  (a city deeply rooted in unique local businesses/restaurants, mom & pop shops) but 1,000,000 times better – I just love how it’s so incredibly eclectic and unexpectedly weird, which is toterly my steez and if Austin was  a Canadian city, I’d move there in a heartbeat. Austin, we’ll meet again one day, for sure. TRUST.

<3 MC


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