Prairie Sunsets

It is true that I live in the arctic tundra for most of the year. While I’m a little choked to see summer come and go so quickly, one of the things that I really love most are the stunning prairie sunsets we get to see every fall!

Prairie Sunsets in Alberta

Prairie Sunsets in Alberta

Prairie Sunsets in AlbertaI just can’t get over how beautiful that is! (Sidenote, I get REALLY excited about the lamest things re: the SKY… like gorgeous sunrises/sunsets, constellations, ominous clouds juxtaposed with beams of sunlight etc.) We’ve also been pretty lucky this September with the Aurora Borealis but the city lights totally get in the way of my Northern Light steez!!! I’m sure that everyone living in the boonies got an amazing show of the solar storm up above.. #jealous! It’s kind of silly that people from all over the world come to Alberta in hopes of seeing the northern lights and we get to see them FOR FREE!

Although we have excessively long frigid winters, that prairie sky is one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen and I guess it’s a redeeming quality of living in this province.

<3 MC


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