For some reason, September is my favourite month of the year. Perhaps it’s because my birthday is this month; or that I love marvelling at the sight of colourful fall foliage; or  inhaling the crispy chill of the morning air; or maybe it’s another great excuse to purchase more boots and fall clothes! PS – Can we talk fall wardrobes later? Thanks.

Having graduated from university, this is the first year…… <aside>WOW, as I typed that out it REALLY sank in… weird</aside>… This is the first time in 18 years that I’m not going back to school this September!! The calendar year starts in January but I always considered the year to start in September. The start of a new school year always marked a fresh start, a clean slate, a plethora of new “resolutions” and goals to accomplish. Last week, I intuitively knew that getting away from my daily routine and spending some time in Vancouver would refresh my positive energy and in turn, hear good news in following weeks ahead. I’ve always associated optimism and new beginnings with September!

Now I’m not one to subscribe to the notions of “The Secret” but my intuitions rang true and I finally landed on a fantastic career opportunity. The post-grad job hunt has been a little rough, so to say that I’ve found “inner peace” is kind of an understatement. Work-jobs and career-jobs are two different things and I’m so thankful to have finally have the latter! Being able to say that “work is a pleasure” is such a blessing :)

Total coincidence, but one of my hands-down favourite songs is “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire. I love singing along to this song… obnoxiously :) heyHEYHEY BAA-dee-YAA, say do you remember? Baa-DEE-YAA, dancin’ in September? — here’s my BELATED Music Monday post for you all:


<3 MC



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