My search for perfection

I may be able to bake cupcakes with my eyes closed but cookies elude me. We have a complicated past. Previous attempts at following several recipes resulted in cakey cookies. Aren’t cookies supposed to be simple?! WHY ART THOU SO CAKEY, THY COOKIE??!?!!? CURSE YOU, NESTLE TOLLHOUSE!! All I ever wanted was to bake a nice, chewy, cookie…. is that too much to ask? :(

And then I stumbled on this recipe for Cookies au Chocolat Noir d’après Eric Kayser. I didn’t realize that Eric Kayser was such a big deal? OKAY PAUSE! Background story! After a full day of art/museum/culture overload in Paris, my friends and I were faint with hunger. It felt like all we ate that day were croissants and Corn Flakes… oh wait, that IS all we ate that day. I digress, we were super hungry & resolved to look for this place that we saw during our adventures the day before. Sadly, we didn’t know where it was because the first time we walked past it, we were looking for the freakin’ Au Printemps/Galeries LaFayette but the map that we got from the hostel was really useless. As such, we decided to ditch the map and hope for the best. En route, this fancy boulangerie caught our attention because we’re fat kids and there were delectable looking desserts and pastries in the window.

But we couldn’t even remember what this place was called. We just knew that the goods looked delicious & that we needed to eat them. Anyways, we found it in the end…… only because I bought a pain au chocolat the day before and pretty much left a “trail of crumbs” i.e., remembered exactly which garbage can that I threw the wrapper into.

For 9 euros, you can get a fancy pizza or sandwich, drink, AND dessert. SOOOO DELISH. IF YOU’RE EVER IN PARIS, YOU MUST GO TO ERIC KAYSER. OK UN-PAUSE!! … What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, COOKIES. Naturally, I had to try out the recipe even though my fond memory of Eric Kayser didn’t involve cookies.

Shout out to my friend who sent me fancy graphs and told me that lower oven temperatures + longer bake time = robust design!!! Gold. I threw mine in the oven at 325F for 12ish minutes — but you will have to find your own magic temperature and time because all ovens are different.

For picky cookie eaters such as myself, cookies are subject to personal preference. Some like them crispy, others like them soft. But I like them on the thinner side, chewy, sweet, and a little salty. So before I end this post, here are a few lessons learned from the cakey cookie mystery (seriously life changing):

1. Low oven temperature + longer bake time

2. Don’t over beat the butter, sugar, & eggs – I think this was the culprit for the cakey-ness of cookies past. Cookies are unlike cake mixes where the butter, sugar, & eggs need to be mixed really well.

In short, this recipe = MY ideal chocolate chip cookie.

Happy cookie baking :)

<3 MC



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