Day 10: Meaning behind your blog name

DAY 10!!! HIGH 5’s all around.

Initially I started this blog last April because I just wasn’t into studying for finals; maybe it was the “senioritis” or “graduation apathy” or the general restlessness that we all get about having to write exams. Couldn’t really decide which “niche” to focus my writing on because I have such a wide range of interests + knowledge about random things so why not write about everything that I like and see where it goes from there? Enter: “it’s Marie Clare”, which encompasses all of my random musings about food, travel, make-up/beauty, fashion, music.

I definitely don’t subscribe to the notions of “finding yourself” (Eat, Pray, Love was probably one of the most obnoxiously suffocating books I’ve read, sorry if you love the book… to each his own). Go create yourself instead.

<3 MC


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